What is the Cost of Quality?

Not everyone understands the value of quality within the organization. One of the reasons why might have to do with how we assign value, or cost, to quality. Most experts agree that non-conformances (rework, complaints, scrap, CAPA) account for 60-80% of total quality costs! What are you doing to measure, monitor, and ultimately, reduce the costs of quality within your organization?

A Horizontal Analysis of CAPA

CAPA is much more than a quality system methodology. In fact, you are probably already analyzing CAPA data from various sources as a measure of performance management. However, taking a wider view of CAPA allows you to change your perspective and focus resources on customer and process feedback in a manner that will drive meaningful innovation and business growth.

Training – Is it really a CAPA?

Re-training may be one of many actions taken as part of an investigation, but it shouldn’t be the only action. Assuming that your training program is effective in developing the necessary technical skills, communicating compliance needs and expectations, and ensuring operators are qualified and competent prior to task execution, what is the likelihood that retraining really is a good CAPA?

Taking a Risk

Risk management continues to be a hot topic for our industry, yet many organizations haven’t yet fully implemented this quality system. Some don’t even really understand the concept. What is risk management? It’s not just about analyzing the risk or even controlling it. Risk management is an integral part of the overall business management process. It includes risk review and communication of risks. There are a variety of ways to execute risk management, but you first need to understand the requirements in order to pick the right tools for success.

Why Hire a Consultant?

The decision to hire a consultant can be complicated and tricky. TCG is different from other, larger consulting firms because we focus on sustainable, quality relationships with our customers. As industry veterans, we understand your challenges and expectations, and we remain committed to bringing value to your organization. Not only do we offer premier consulting services, we partner with our customers to identify the “best fit” resources who align well with the team, the vision, and the plan.